Thursday, December 29, 2011

Helmut Wolf - finished (Belatedly) December 2011

So I tried to finish this in time for a competition on Talk Fantasy Football, but didn't meet the deadline.... This is a model from Willy Miniatures.
You've got to love a game which allows players to sneak chainsaws onto the pitch

Videador resin items - Painted December 2011

I ordered some more Monster dice from Videador, and also picked up some undead Turn and Reroll markers:

Along with my order, I received a free gift! It was a 30mm lipped base with a side peice that came complete with a magnet embedded. This works very nicely in conjunction with one of Impact's metal cored balls. The ball carrier can be stood in the lipped base, or otherwise the ball can be removed and placed on the players base as normal.

Orc Apothecary/Igor - painted December 2011

I like sideline pieces when playing Elfball and Bloodbowl. This one is an Orc Quack which I got via a friend from I believe some spanish coaches at this years World Cup. I've been looking for a suitable model to use as an Igor for a while, and am really happy with this one!

He's based on a hex so I can slot him into one of the bigger hex bases similar to the other tokens I've made.