Friday, September 23, 2011

Elfball Desert Dogs - Finished Feb 2010

Here's another team from my back catalogue :-) This is the 2nd Elfball team I painted, which I originally ordered along with the game itself back in 2008.

I spent less time painting these, but I don't think they're too bad considering.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chaos Dwarf Bloodbowl Team

I finished this team towards the end of 2010. I've had them assembled and undercoated for years and had only managed to paint a few when I used them last in a league. I stripped the painted ones and changed the colour scheme to something I was more happy with. I usually call this team the Blackwater Ravens when playing with them.

These models are from Games Workshop, with the Minotaur being an old 2nd Edition model.

I deviated from the standard orc green hobgoblin skin to go with something a little more palid to suit the underground life these guys are used to. The skin was painted with Desert Yellow, shaded with Devlan Mud then highlights re-applied with Desert Yellow up to Kommando Khaki.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Elfball Counter Set - Finished September 2011

I finished my Elfball Counter set last week.

The counters in the front row are an idea stolen from my friend Andy. They're based on 25mm hex bases, which are then placed on top of some 30mm lipped hex bases. I stuck some Slater's numbers to the outside of these. The idea is that you can pick up the miniature and turn it so it's facing the correct number in the lower base.

Below that we have some bigger pictures of the Bribe counter, Zlurpee Keg and Babe, I'd completed the Wizard a while back too, but don't think I have photographed him before. Unfortunately he's been written out of the Elfball ruleset however will still be useful when I get around to modifying this set for use in Bloodbowl.

All these models are from Impact except the barrel which came from one of the GW Empire cannon sets.

Valkyrie Elfball Team - Finished 25th August

Here's the most recent thing I've finished painting. This is my Valkyrie team, called the Heimskringla Harriers. The models are sold by Impact Miniatures. I've been using this team in our local Elfball league, and they've been good fun to use. I also came 2nd place with them in the Bedford 2011 Elfball tournament!

At some point, I intend to add 2 Norse Werewolves, another Thrower and some more Midfielders in order to use this as either a Norse or Amazon team for Bloodbowl

Divine Wind Elfball Team

Finally I've worked out how to get the white balance right on some of the pictures I took a while back!
This is my Divine Wind team for Elfball, which go by the team name of 'Circular Logic. The models are from Impact Miniatures
This is the first Elfball team I painted, starting back in July 2008 and finishing April 2010.

Talk Fantasy Football Legacy Team

OK, to make a start, here's the model I painted back at the start of July for the 2011 Talk Fantasy Football Legacy team. If you're not familliar with Legacy teams, participants all agree to paint a model and then a draw is made from all the participants and the winner gets the team. This year's team is Orcs, and the model is a limited edition Southern Shrike Bowl Orc Thrower, made by Impact Miniatures

Hello, and welcome to my Blog

Exciting! I've never blogged before, so bear with me while I work out what I'm doing. Normally I post pictures of my stuff over at Talk Fantasy Football or the Impact Miniatures forums.

The aim of this blog is to consolidate all my stuff in one place so I can be motivated to get on with the painting. I need motivation see, because whilst I can get very proud about the painting I've done, I don't necessarily enjoy the actual process that much.

I mainly paint in order to have someting to play games with. Unfortunately I'm too much of a perfectionist to just chuck a base coat on some models and leave it at that. I try to achieve a balance between painting to a reasonable standard without spending hours and hours on each model.