Sunday, October 9, 2011

Orc Blood Bowl Team - finished March 2011

Here's my Orc team, which I got as a Christmas present last year and originally painted for use in the Swindon 2011 Elfball tournament where I picked up 3rd place. I completed painting the team after that and used them in the Cakebowl Blood Bowl league. The team was called B.F.A (Built for Attrition) and they lived up to the name in the wrong way suffering a string of casualties and deaths to key players. When I use them again, I'll be changing team names for sure. The models are from Neomics.


  1. Hi. A lovely looking team. Where do you get the little numbers from? Or ideally what would I google to find them (as I'm not in the States).


    1. Thanks for the comments! They're called slaters numbers, and are available from impact Miniatures in the US.

  2. Nice looking team.

    I really like your base idea too with color coding positions. I totally just stole that for my Human team I'm doing :)

  3. Very cool paint job.

    ...hope these guys are from Denver.