Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bloodbowl Chaos Team - Work In Progress

Here's my Chaos team - they frst started getting painted back in around 2004 when I used them in a league at the local GW store. I've been using them in the Cakebowl League this season, and finally they're getting finished!

Here's the warriors - the 2 on the left were painted years ago, and the 2 on the right over the last couple of weeks... The main reason I delayed painting this team was because I was worried about whether I could get them to match.

And the Minotaur - I know he's not the most efficient use of TV, but the high ST and Mighty Blow do have their uses! I love the old 2nd Edition models as they fit nicely size wise. He's based on 30mm and was finished in the last couple of weeks

More pics to follow soon once I've got some more beastmen finished....

Prize for the 2012 Cakebowl Tournament - finished 20th May 2012

 Here's a model donated by Sann0638 as a prize for 4th Place at the Cakebowl this year. The model is Zorg by Impact Miniatures. For those that don't know, our fellow club member Glowworm has always complained about not having prizes for 4th place.

I was the lucky recipient of the very first 'Glowworm' award last year at the Cakebowl, and I understand that the NAF are now considering making a Glowworm award a requirement for any future tournaments to be sanctioned by them... you heard it here first.

Just for Glowworm, I stalked his facebook page for pics of his tatoos and did my best to replicated them on the model. I'd better also note that I don't believe Glow has a large red number 4 inked across his stomach...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Deadling Cheerleader - Finished 24th May 2011

Hello! Okay so it's been a few months since I last posted... this doesn't mean that I've not been painting, it's just that with upgrading to Windows 7 I lost my easy way of adjusting the colour balance of my photo's so I didn't have anything good to share...

Anyway, here's a Deadling Cheerleader that I've converted and just finished last night. The conversion was very easy, just bending the arms and adding bobs of greenstuff to make the pom-poms...