Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bloodbowl Chaos Team - Work In Progress

Here's my Chaos team - they frst started getting painted back in around 2004 when I used them in a league at the local GW store. I've been using them in the Cakebowl League this season, and finally they're getting finished!

Here's the warriors - the 2 on the left were painted years ago, and the 2 on the right over the last couple of weeks... The main reason I delayed painting this team was because I was worried about whether I could get them to match.

And the Minotaur - I know he's not the most efficient use of TV, but the high ST and Mighty Blow do have their uses! I love the old 2nd Edition models as they fit nicely size wise. He's based on 30mm and was finished in the last couple of weeks

More pics to follow soon once I've got some more beastmen finished....


  1. Lovely crisp colours - very effective.
    And who doesn't love a good Minotaur :-)

  2. Love the paint job!
    Very sharp old school colour scheme, that suits them just fine!

  3. Lovely smooth colours, Spiky. Glad I found your blog at last!

    You'd be welcome to mosey over to mine and check out my Pact team I just took to the NAFC (