Friday, September 16, 2011

Elfball Counter Set - Finished September 2011

I finished my Elfball Counter set last week.

The counters in the front row are an idea stolen from my friend Andy. They're based on 25mm hex bases, which are then placed on top of some 30mm lipped hex bases. I stuck some Slater's numbers to the outside of these. The idea is that you can pick up the miniature and turn it so it's facing the correct number in the lower base.

Below that we have some bigger pictures of the Bribe counter, Zlurpee Keg and Babe, I'd completed the Wizard a while back too, but don't think I have photographed him before. Unfortunately he's been written out of the Elfball ruleset however will still be useful when I get around to modifying this set for use in Bloodbowl.

All these models are from Impact except the barrel which came from one of the GW Empire cannon sets.

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